Associates: Ruth Dudley & Rachelanne Rahn

All items will be protected by netting

Entry Fee: $ 5.00

PRIZE MONEY: $20.00$15.00;  $10.00

*a quilt MUST be 2 or more layers of fabric stitched together by hand, machine or tied. NO EXCEPTIONS.


1. One entry per section, per exhibitor.

2. Entries to be shown only 2 consecutive years at exhibition.

3. Judges are instructed to eliminate any soiled or damaged work.

4. Entry must be solely the work of the person entering the competition.

5. Any entries not picked up are not the responsibility of the DAS and will be left on the tables after 4 p.m. Sunday.

2.Ties- made from ties
3.Quilt top (not quilted)
4.Quilt Cushion
5. Quillow (folded into self to make pillow 
6. “Block of the Month” quilt named
7.Quilt made from a kit- named
8.Table runner with 4 place mats
9.My first Quilt (age 8 years and older)
10. A Tied Quilt
11.Cotton pieced
13. Embroidred
4.Quilted Wall Hanging (not have sleeve)
14.Crib quilt
15.Lap quilt
16.Cotton pieced
18. Embroidery
19.Quilted Wall Hanging 
20.Crib quilt
21.Lap quilt
22.Cotton pieced
24. Embroidery
YOUTH QUILTING- Quilt Must be crib size or larger
AGE: 12 and under
25.Hand or Machine Quilt
26.Rag Quilt
27.Tied Quilt
AGE 13 – 17
28.Hand or Machine Quilt
29.Rag Quilt
30.Tied Quilt
31. Agricultural Theme Quilt
32. Denim Quilt
Non-Competition Quilts
Attention all quilt guilds, church groups and charity quilt groups. No competition between groups. Must be full sized quilt. SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS!
SPECIAL: Annual Hand Quilted Championship Quilt
Eligibility, Rules and Regulations
1. Entries must be solely made and hand quilted by exhibitor and exhibited and judged by local Ontario Association of Agricultural Society (OAAS) to be eligible for this competition.
2. Entry Quilt must be a minimum of 324″, measured on the perimeter (smaller quilts will not be eligible to proceed to next level of competition)
3. The winners name and pattern to be displayed, at the fair on the sign provided by OAAS
4. Judging will occur at local fairs and district levels. A Provincial Grand Champion Quilt will be selected at the annual Convention.
5. Upon making an entry into the Ontario Agricultural Society’s Quilt Competition, the exhibitor agrees to participate in any promo activities related to the competition 
6. The winning OAAS quilt will not be eligible to compete in any future District and or convention OAAS competitions 
SPECIAL: Annual Machine Quilted/ Wall Hanging Competition
Eligibility, Rules and Regulations
1. Quilt/ Wall Hanging must be solely made and machine quilted by the exhibitor and exhibited and judged at the local OAAS fair to be eligible for competition 
2. Quilt/ Wall Hanging to be measured on the perimeter. Total perimeter measurement to be minimum of 192” NOTE: the article can be square, rectangular, etc
3. Judging will occur at local fairs and district levels. A Provincial Grand Champion Machine Quilt/ Wall Hanging will be selected at the Annual OAAS Convention


The above Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless The Dresden Agricultural Society, its' members, agents and employees from and against all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits or proceedings by any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to, all operations performed by or carried out by the Exhibitor, his agents, employees, servants, or anyone for whose acts he may be held liable, howsoever caused.

Personal information on this entry form will be used solely for Agricultural Society related activities By submitting this form, you consent to information being used by the said parties, for said purposes.