Associates: Eben and Crystal Cadotte
Entry Fee: $5
Prize Money: $10; $8; $6
1. All snapshots to be mounted on Bristol Board or construction paper
2. Snapshots must be 5×7 – No Larger, No Matting
3. Please leave boarder of at least 1″ so the entry can be properly displayed
4. All categories from 1 – 20  : one photo unless otherwise stated 
1. Agricultural theme, harvesting, planting, working fields
2. Children
3. Fun at Dresden Exhibition
4. Farm life
5. Humorous farm or agricultural photo with caption
6. Relics of yesteryear
7. Close up of flowers
8. Baby farm animals
9. Rural road
10. Old farm building
11. Rocks and water
12. Stormy weather
13. Birds
14. Four seasons 1. Spring blooms 2. Summer activities 3.fall colours 4.Winter fun
15. Tractors at work
16. Chatham-Kent Sunset
17. Travel scene- name location
18. A water or mountain scene
19. My Favourite place
20. Dresden and Community- Images that illustrate the image of Dresden. Examples: Parks,  Buildings, Waterways, etc.
NOTE: When submitting images in category 20, you are releasing all rights and allowing your photos to be used for advertising and/ or publication purposes, websites, Facebook, Posters, ect. 
SPECIAL- Compliments of Coco Beach Tanning, $20 to best overall snapshot in sections 1-20 (must have 5 entries to qualify)
21. Family fun
22. My Pet a) horse or pony  b) Puppy or dog  c)  Kitten or cat  d) Other
23. Fun with friends
24. Messy faces
25. Town improvement mounted 8×10 collection 6 photos max
SPECIAL Compliments of Captured Moments- $10 to best overall snapshot in Section 21 to 24


The above Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless The Dresden Agricultural Society, its' members, agents and employees from and against all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits or proceedings by any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to, all operations performed by or carried out by the Exhibitor, his agents, employees, servants, or anyone for whose acts he may be held liable, howsoever caused.

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