Director: Doug Belan
Entry Fee: $5
Prize Money: $25; $20; $15
1. Minimum Size is 4′ tall. Maximum size is 8′ tall. Scarecrow(s) and props must fit in a 5’x5′ area. The entire structure of the exhibit is the dimension of the scarecrow entry- not the dimension of the actual scarecrow.
2. Your Exhibit may include more then one figure.
3. The Scarecrow(s) must be prepared to sit or stand on its’ own props within the area.
4. Rubber, Plastic, or store bought masks are not allowed in the traditional category.
5. Scarecrow construction must include hay or straw.
6. All Scarecrows must be named, on small sign or piece of paper – no larger then 11″x17″
7. Setup of scarecrows will be during normal time allotted for exhibits.
8. When designing your scarecrow, please keep in mind that this is a family event. Please no political, religious, or excessively violent scarecrows.
9. DAS reserves the right not to accept any scarecrow that is deemed to be unacceptable.
10. Children’s Entries must be made by children. Parents may assist in placing the scarecrow in the designated location.
11. Only one entry per exhibitor, per section
1. Traditional – most likely to scare a crow, typical ones we have all seen in gardens for centuries.  
2. Whimsical – design a scarecrow depicting your favourite fairy tale, storybook or celebrity, animal 
or fantasy figure and let your imagination run wild. 
3. Business- Local Businesses are encouraged to enter scarecrows to showcase and advertise their businesses.
1. If you use paper mache, be sure it is sealed to protect it from the elements. For ages 14+
2. Children- for participants ages 13 and under, May be either traditional or whimsical
3. Business- Businesses may display an advertisement sign with their name and logo- not to exceed 11″x17″. It is not necessary to name your business scarecrow. Please note- Their is no prize money for the business category (merely the opportunity to advertise your business) and ribbons will be awarded to 3rd place. Open to all area.


The above Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless The Dresden Agricultural Society, its' members, agents and employees from and against all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits or proceedings by any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to, all operations performed by or carried out by the Exhibitor, his agents, employees, servants, or anyone for whose acts he may be held liable, howsoever caused.

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