Baby Show

Director: Lucille Laprise

Saturday July 29 2017

Registration: 12:30 in the Auditorium

Show: 1:30

Class 1: Baby Girls (0-3months), Baby Boys (0-3Months)

Class 2: Youngest Baby

Class 3: Baby Girls (4- 6 Months), Baby Boys (4-6 Months)

Class 4: Baby Girls (7-12 Months), Baby Boys (7-12 Months)

Class 5: Baby Girls (13-18 Months), Baby Boys (13-18 Months)

Class 6: Baby Girls (19-24 Months), Baby Boys (19- 24 Months)

Class 7: Twin Girls Up to 24 Months, Twin Boys up to 24 Months

Class 8: Baby who looks most like Parent

Special: Baby who traveled farthest to be here

CANADA 150 Special: Baby Who’s Birthday is closest to July 1 2017

All participants will receive a 5″ x 7″ photo compliments of Captured Moments in Dresden


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