Director:Margaret Gough
Committee: David Gough, Margaret Gough, and Lauren Gough
Rabbits: Youth  Showmanship- July 30, 2017 Time: 10 AM
Place: Show will take place in Dresden Arena
No Entry Fee
Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $1.00 awarded in each class.
The top two (2) in each of the Novice,
Intermediate, and Senior classes will then compete for Championship Class. Grand Champion $20.00, Reserve Grand Champion $15.00
Classes: All ages are as of January 1st of the current year.
Novice Showmanship – Have never shown a Rabbit before (minimum 9 years old, 1st 4H Rabbit Club or have never shown at ARBA Youth Show)
Intermediate Showmanship – Ages 10-13 years (Completed first year 4H Rabbit club or have shown in ARBA youth show) 
Senior Showmanship – Ages 14 and older ( Completed 2 or more years of 4H Rabbit Club  and shown in 2 or more ARBA Youth Shows)
1. Entries must be sent to Margaret Gough at copperbritt@gmail.com no later than 9pm on July 15, 2017
2. All Entrants must exhibit his/her 4-H Rabbit of current year. If borrowing a rabbit for showmanship class, you must have consent from the owner of the rabbit.
3. All rabbits must be in good health and old enough to show.
4. Rabbits must be in solid bottom carrier/cage or wire carrier/cage with drop tray. Exhibitors must keep their area clean and have food and water available for their rabbit at all times.
5. All exhibitors must check in half hour before show start time and remain until all classes have finished.
6. Exhibitors will be judged on 4H Rabbit Showmanship Guidelines.
Pet Rabbit Show- July 30, 2017
Time: Following Rabbit Showmanship Place: Dresden Arena
Entry: $1.00 per class.
Maximum two (2) classes.
All exhibitors must register half hour before show start time
1. Longest Ears
2. Smallest  Rabbit 
3. Biggest Rabbit 
4. Best Costume
1. Exhibitors will be minimum age 6 years old and maximum of 12 years old the day of the show.
2. All rabbits must be in good health. Rabbits must be in a solid bottom cage or carrier. Exhibitors must
have food and water available for their rabbit at all times.
3. Exhibitors may receive assistance handling their rabbit for safety. Exhibitors will remain with their
rabbit when being judged and may leave when they are finished their classes.